A standout fixture in LA’s nightlife. A community. A creative crossroads where music and dance come together head to head on the same floor.​


Nine years running. Continually reinventeing itself and growing, The Floor Improv Night has transformed LA’s music and dance community. We bring together artists from all walks of life. We are the creative laboratory where the soul leads and the body follows. Check your ego at the door and get ready to move. This is our common ground. 


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Currently Hiatus 

THE FLOOR Improv Night is a cross section of LA's diverse melting pot


artists, dancers, musicians and entertainers alike.

What is at the heart of a city? What is it that gives a city it's unique flavor?

Who is expressing the beauty of our traditions and the new ideas of our future?



We are one night on one floor, shedding our expectations and bringing an unmistakable magic to nightlife. We celebrate everything that is unique among us through a platform of unity. Nowhere else do we see such originality and diversity under one roof. By bringing THE FLOOR Improv Night to cities all over the world, we create a global conversation between cultures and stimulate creative expression.

The "10:05 Improv Mash-Up" jump starts each night with a featured musician and dancer of different genres. These artists reveal an artistic diaolog and lay the foundation for an incomparable night of improvisation. THE FLOOR then opens up for everyone to join. Lead by renowned guest musical directors and DJ's each month, along with local artists, dancers, musicians and vocalists, the night is driven to a high energy pitch of freeform expression and soulful release. 

THE FLOOR is a fundraiser for our 501(c)(3) non-profit, THE OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY whose mission is to engage underserved youth in the art of improvisation to encourageself empowerment through movement, dance and music, fostered by a multicultural artistic community. 

Union Station LA\Photo:Farah Sosa
Union Station LA\Photo:Farah Sosa

Union Station LA\Photo:Farah Sosa
Union Station LA\Photo:Farah Sosa

TFIN#96 KingKing LA\Photo:Farah Sosa
TFIN#96 KingKing LA\Photo:Farah Sosa

Union Station LA\Photo:Farah Sosa
Union Station LA\Photo:Farah Sosa



Carolina Cerisola and Sascha Escandon

Email: TheFloorImprovNight@gmail.com

(323) 424-4200

PR contact: monica@the3collective.com


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